Backwards compatibilityΒΆ

Stable versions of the software used in previous integration tests of the Mini-EUSO instrument are stored in the following branches named after the integration date. The current stable version of the software is in the master branch.

  1. aug_06_2017: August integration in Tor Vergata, Rome

  2. oct_16_2017: October integration in Tor Vergata, Rome

  3. dec_17_2017: December integration in Tor Vergata, Rome

Some key differences of the previous software with the current version:

  • aug_06_2017

    • The CPU generates only one run file, with the S-curve packet stored first, followed by RUN_SIZE CPU packets.

    • S-curves are gathered from DAC 0 - 1000 (inclusive), with a step size of 1 and an accumulation of 1.

    • S-curve accumulation is not calculated, the frames are simply stored for post-processing

  • oct_16_2017

    • no LVPS control

    • no variable N1 and N2

  • dec_16_2017

    • no automated instrument mode switching

    • no LVPS status checking

    • less robust checks on subsystems

    • different class structure