To report a bug in the software click here to use the GitHub issues facility.

Known issues

A list of known issues that are actively being worked on:

  • the digitemp software fails to read the OneWire temperature sensors via an RS-232 adapter (USB is OK)

  • incompatibility of variable files with current version of ETOT

    • currently ETOT can only read files with N1 = N2 = 4 and no asychronous acquisition from the thermistors

    • variable file reading library needed


When reporting issues with the software there are some debugging tools that you can use to help identify the problem and speed up the process of fixing it.

gdb is a standard debugging tool:

To run:

  1. install if not already installed (apt-get install gdb)

  2. type gdb to enter the debug environment, then

  3. file mecontrol to load the binary

  4. run mecontrol -log ... to run the program as required

Some other useful commands:

  • break <line_number> to stop the program at a specific line of mecontrol.cpp (the main program)

  • n/<enter> to move to the next line of code

  • s to step inside a function

  • bt to display the backtrace (useful after a segmentation fault, for example)

  • info threads get information on exisiting threads

For further commands please see the gdb documentation.